My Story

I am a full time photographer in Victoria BC, with wedding booked across British Columbia and the World. I travel for work often, and right now that is how I like it.


My Story


My photography story started in the back of a Safari truck in Murchison Falls Uganda. I had traveled to Africa with naive ideas about saving the world as a volun-tourist, the trip was a dose of reality, realizing the world didn’t need saving, I wasn’t the one to do it, and volunteering wasn’t going to help. But in the back of the truck I sat beside a 60 year old Dutch woman, living her dream, traveling the world, and she had the biggest lens I’d ever seen. Her pictures were a hundred times better than mine. I was jealous.

taylor on safari My Story

There were a few other pieces to the puzzle though and the story possibly started long before that fateful Safari, in a much less exotic grade eight classroom with the novel Forbidden City assigned for a book report. The main character was a boy who was traveling with his father as a photo journalist during the Chinese Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. It romanticized journalism and truth, and travel. It downplayed the dangers of revolution but all the same I was curious.

Forbidden City 3 My Story
(Forbidden City in 2011 – that novel stuck with me for years)

All this time I never owned a camera and it was finally in a University dorm room surfing the internet instead of studying when I found image of a photographer taking a photo of a blue whale underwater that acted as a catalyst to action. I called my mother and told her I was going to be an underwater photographer. I felt her eyes roll through the phone and she told me to call back when I changed my mind and decided to be an accountant again.


 My Story

That summer with my first pay check working at a pool store selling chlorine (I lived north of Toronto with no water to scuba dive other than in pools) I bought my first camera.

From there I got lucky, maybe all photographers do, I landed a government grant for students starting businesses, I bought a bit more gear and practiced. I moved on from school, which is how I like to frame dropping out, and traveled a little more. I got my first photography job photographing kids riding horses over jumps I could walk over, and ended up in the wedding world, for now. And I only say for now because you’ve caught me in the middle of my photography story.

From Bali to Slave Lake Alberta I’m on the move for the better part of the year, shooting weddings and documentary work. My home base is just outside  downtown Victoria, BC  and as wedding season starts to book up, my travel schedule for 2015.


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