Amanda Palmer NinjaTED 2016 // Vancouver BC

I’m going to go a little Amanda Palmer style here because this post calls for nothing less; confessional, wildly enthusiastic, and completely badass. 

This past Wednesday I shot my first concert.

Full Stop.

It was a big one. A Ninja Ted to be specific.

The annual Ted conference which has been held in Vancouver for the past couple years invites the world’s best and brightest to showcase what they have been up to. Everyone has seen a Ted Talk on the internet, but seeing one live at TED, in Amanda Palmer’s words “kinda happens behind this wall.”

So to fix that she created NinjaTED. A spontaneous show which brings an array of performers and speakers from TED together, during the conference for anyone to attend. This year the lineup was stellar, and not just because everyone’s favourite Canadian Chris Hadfield was there. Amanda Palmer who hosted the show convinced my favourite curator Maria Popova to speak, Usman Riaz to stun everyone on with his percussive guitar, and Adam Savage from Myth Busters to make everyone laugh.

Damian Kulash of Okay Go, Legendary Bill T Jones, New York’s Best Poet Sarah Kay, Jherek Bischoff, Rhiannon Giddens and Orkestar Slivovica were there. Harrison and Tristen the Canadian National YoYo and Kite Flying Champions blew everyone’s mind, and I know I am missing more.

The whole thing was webcasted and documented as the crowd saw it, and I was asked to take both stage and behind the scenes shots. 

I wanted the photos to be like the rest of my work. Good obviously, but also intimate. A celebration of the small joys in life, and a documentation of an incredible collaboration.

As the night closed and the crowd, lit up by the house lights spun around their index fingers, and belted lyrics from the bottom of their lungs. Every single person on stage was smiling larger than I thought humanly possible. I got every photo I could have wanted. 

Amanda is infectious, her energy, The audience, all the performers, everyone working behind the scenes.

NinjaTED was incredible to be a part of.

Photography as much as the performances we witnessed is a collaboration, and everyone was so welcoming and open. The photos of my first show are better than I could have ever hoped.

Thank You Sarah for bringing me along. 

the vogue theatre from granville with huge line for amanda palmer ninja tedNinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0282amanda-palmer-showninja ted taylor roades photographyNinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0283ninjaTEDNinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0275behind the scenes with ninja tedchris hadfield warms up at ninja tedNinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0339NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0340NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0279NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0274NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0280NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0285NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0284NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-0286amanda palmer belts it out at ninja tedNinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0003NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0002ANinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0001NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0004NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0006NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0008ANinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0010NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0012NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0011NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0013NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0014Ninja Ted 2016 at the vogue concert theatreNinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0016Taylor Roades Photographs behind the scenes ninja tedninjaTEDNinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0019NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0021NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0022NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0023NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0024NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0025NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0026NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0028NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0027NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0029NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0030NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0031NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0032NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0033NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0034NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0035NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0036NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0037NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0039NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0038NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0040NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0041NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0043NinjaTed-AmandaPalmer-Instagram-ordered0042


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