Everything is Incredible

I’ve been having a hard time blogging lately. October, though not the busiest month for shooting has kept me busy; putting things together for next year, finishing up with some final edits, and meeting with couples. The list goes on and blogging is starting to fall to the wayside. But since I haven’t seen the sun in two weeks because of the hurricane and then more bad weather I have finally resigned myself to holing up and getting down to work online.

My latest journal is almost filled, and while I’m on the hunt for the perfect new one I’ve been jotting down titles and ideas for posts on the final pages of this one.  My blog has always been a platform to share and apart from a few posts on photography, or a random couple photos from my last trip it sticks pretty tightly to weddings and wedding related work. I have so much more though, and since I’ve quietly taken a break from Facebook except for a few posts on weddings I have the itch to share it here.


My favourite travel photographer David Duchemin said in an old podcast I listened to recently the two things to successful photography is “To be creating or sharing” After a summer in Toronto shooting weddings and a trip to Asia creating photos I think its time to start sharing. And though I have a body of work to release I also want to share a little bit more of my inspiration. Things I come across that I think are great for other photographers and just for general interest.


This video I found in the middle of the night – I’m not a huge fan of internet youtube searching but it came up recommended by a friend. I thought it was both optimistic, and a little tragic. A well told story; and I’ve watched it hoping to incorporate bits of the style into my own story telling. I hope you like it.




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