My Favourite Picture of You.

I never wanted to shoot a wedding. It wasn’t in the cards. When I first picked up a camera it was to make a statement about our world. I started when I was young, political, bold, I had an unchecked bias opinion, and I wanted to set the world right.  Lives twist and turn, as mine did, as the video below shows, and now I find myself shooting weddings by an enthousiastic choice.

The power of photography in our personal lives immediately, and into the future is part of the statement I want to make with a camera.

I’m still young, not as bold as used to be, and what I do now isn’t about setting the world right. What I do now is about showing people what is right in front of them. Sometimes that means a far way from home but more often than not just around the corner. I shoot and share what my unchecked bias opinion thinks should be paused on and appreciated in a world of rapid scrolling feeds, click-bait news and the selfie.

This video speaks for itself and needs no explanation, it is just another reaffirmation for me on what I’ve decided is important to shoot.


My Favorite Picture of You from Furlined on Vimeo.

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