Photographer Inspiration: Brian Skerry

I love Ted’s Creative Commons. Yesterday I tweeted about this video and since 140 characters really isn’t enough to explain why it resonated with me I decided a blog post was in order.

It is truly spectacular to hear the thought that goes into the making of a photograph. Especially by Brian, first of all you can hear his passion for the oceans in his voice. You know he is taking pictures to make a change in the world and that is noble and terrifying at the same time. To think about it from his position what if his photos never make the impact they are supposed to, for me I would consider my work a failure. It is a big risk to take. That is why I am so floored by the whole thing. He takes a huge risk but with huge reward. His photos have been on the cover of National Geographic. His message spread across the world. Something I aspire to.

He is a great photographer there is no doubt in that. His pictures speak for themselves and when he speaks you can tell in the language he uses about his work that he is confident, and thinks before every click of the shutter. This is a photo I made.” He didn’t capture it, or snap it, he made it. He thought about the form of the animal, the light, the movement, all while breathing from air tank with a thirty foot shark above him. That makes a great photographer.

So I challenge you tonight to make a photo. Don’t capture it or mindlessly click the shutter. Think about every aspect in the frame. Slow down and make something beautiful.

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