Packing for a Photography focused, Hiking Expedition and Backpacking Adventure to Chilean Patagonia.

The rain was starting to get to me, and though I’d been I’d been thinking about it on and off for a while, I made a spur of the moment decision on a lazy Sunday in December and booked a flight to Santiago Chile. The surreal feeling of that still hasn’t worn off, and I am now about a week from take off. Slowly but surely getting things together for the two month jaunt south.

I’ve been sharing a little bit of trip prep over on Instagram, and I thought I’d put together a longer blog post of the camera gear I am bringing down for this little photography adventure to Chilean Patagonia.

Like with every trip I’ve ever done the total weight of my pack is a huge concern. In Chile I have plans to hike in Torres Del Paine as well as possibly Dientes de Navarino. These are both are multi-day hikes where I’ll be carrying all the camera gear listed below, a tent/sleeping bag, clothing, and days worth of food. I’ll be experimenting with video so I am bringing my audio recorder which is bulky, and a polaroid camera which is truly huge, but I’ve tried to make scarifies where I can leaving behind lenses and bodies to cut the weight.

Nine weeks is a long haul,  and for this trip I specifically invested in a used Macbook Air (thanks craiglist, you never fail).  I’ve tried to convince myself for a long time I could do this without a laptop, but I know I will need to be able to run my business remotely, do a little light editing, and make backups as I go along. If I could do this whole thing without a computer I would, but unfortunately an iPhone just can’t do it all.

So for Patagonia this is the final revised camera travel kit;

Canon 5D3 – My go to.

Canon 24mm f1.4 – My favourite lens

Sigma 50mm f1.2 – A beast of a lens that is pretty much good for everything.

Canon 135 f2.0 – For all the Guancos I plan to see in the distance.

3 Canon 5D3 Batteries – I thought about bringing only two but video eats batteries for lunch.

Fuji Instax Wide 300 – I was fully inspired by The Starks.

Manfrotto Lightweight Tripod – For night photography, time-lapses, and video. I’ve been using this as a makeshift monopod as well.

H4N Audio Recorder – I will loving call this piece of equipment “The Brick.”

11″ MacBook Air

Lens Pen // Lens Cloth // Various CF and SD Cards // Card Reader // Two 2TB Hard drives // iPhone 6 // Journal // Chargers

Packing for a Photography Adventure to Chilean Patagonia



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