Year of The Tangible // Part One // An Introduction

The new year began six months ago, and I shared an overview of last years work. I called the blog post a protest against forgetting and since then I’ve thought about those words hundreds of times. My photography, my writing, all my creative pastimes are in some form an archival process. As a kid I made very serious scrapbooks of the weeks I spent at summer camp, and I have twenty full journals of thoughts in my attic from the past six years. For a job I try to immortalize feelings.

…Don’t laugh it is a real thing.

I’ve always hinged on the tangible, but this year I wanted to get more serious about the longevity of my work professionally and personally. This year I’ve committed to printing: big prints, and small prints, stories, individual art pieces, albums, magazines, maybe even fridge magnets.

This year I want to make things I can hold.

I want to make things, that could be shared without the click of a mouse or a button.

I want to make things that won’t fade into the oblivion of the web, or sit on a dusty hard drive I’ve forgotten to label in my top drawer.

This year I wanted to control my photography from the start to the end – the whole process from shooting to printing to cutting to matting to framing.


If photography itself is my protest, printing is my riot.


I’m not done with the digital, I’m not converting to shooting slide film or quitting instagram. On the contrary I’ve found more joy this year than ever before knowing that I am going to create work for myself and for clients that will outlast my career as a photographer, the popularity of Facebook, and potentially me.

Over the next six months I’m going share both the behind the scenes and final products here. I have a new print shop for my wedding couples to order their own prints online and soon will be opening an online fine art shop. (SIDENOTE! ///Past Couples from 2015/2014 – The shop will be opening for you to order prints at the end of this year’s season.)

This is only part one. A quick intro, a life goal update, a promise to keep you in the loop.


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