Hi Taylor,
Thank you so much for shooting our engagement party! I finally got to see the pictures this weekend and they’re absolutely beautiful! You captured some very special moments with our friends and family that I know I’m going to treasure forever. I especially loved the picture of my whole family, the picture of Colin’s whole family, the moment you caught with my friend Rachel (you managed to snap a shot of us from behind as I was asking her to be my bridesmaid!), and all of the pictures with and of the kids.
You did a fantastic job. I really loved the pictures, thank you so much!!!
- Jenn

You did a great job capturing the mood of the day- relaxed, fun, and intimate. A lot of people commented how you really blended with things, so I thought I’d pass along their compliments. You did an incredible job! Thanks from everybody for your involvement in this day, it was great!

-Henry (Best Man)



Taylor! I totally agree with Henry! First of all, I was stunned when I saw the first photos. You did such an amazing job, and everyone I show the pictures to is very impressed with them. I loved how you just got in there to get the good shots, and you were so calm and upbeat the whole day. Thank you so much – I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

-Kerri (Bride)



WOW!!! These have to be the BEST wedding photos I have ever seen … they are crisp, vibrant and full of joy … AMAZING work!!!

-Shirley-Ann (Wedding Guest)


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