2016 Travel Dates

2016 travel dates taylor roades


My travel this year is off to an early start, and as is becoming customary I wanted to share with the internet where I will be when. If you are interested in working together, or just generally getting together we can make it happen.

Just writing this little list out and seeing it in full form makes me excited. 2016 is going to be incredible, so incredible that I have that butterfly feeling you sometimes get on Christmas Eve when you are eight years old.

See you soon.

Feb 21st – Feb 29th – LA and Santa Barbara California

March 1st – April 29th – Chile and Argentina

May – Thetis Island – West Coast Trail

June 1st – June 13th – Galiano Island

June 13th – June 29th – Toronto Ontario

July 30th – Montreal / Toronto

December 20th-28th – Toronto Ontario

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