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I sat in a cafe in Vancouver and tried to plan my next move. Where to? Traveling without a plan opens the doors to adventure. I could go anywhere and I was on the west coast of Canada – what a dilemma to have. And I thought about Matt a friend of mine working at The Fairmont Jasper. Sometimes I really do think I am the luckiest girl in the world to have experienced the west and to have friends in every corner of the globe. I knew it would be a good ten hour bus ride away, but in my opinion completely worth it. To be a Jasper Alberta Photographer for a day would be a dream come true.


I arrived at a chilly 5:00am in the morning. The greyhound had dropped me off in the middle of the small mountain town, and it was too early to call Matt. The snow was falling on the street lights and it could have been 3:00am the streets were dead and nothing was opened. Only one other passenger had left the bus with me and we headed to the local Tim Hortons the only place in town that may have a few people milling about this early. After a few introductions I had made a friend – I sat with Don, a retired truck driver; we talked about life, and love. He was waiting for his wife to arrive in Jasper. They were married only a week before and hoping to honeymoon in the mountains. He had travelled on the greyhound with me for hours but this was our first conversation. It is amazing the people you can get to know early in the morning over a cup of coffee.


At seven I decided the sun had rose high enough to head towards Matt’s house and I waved goodbye to Don – it was time for a hike:



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