Life Lately – A Surprise Email

My phone vibrated the email vibrate, and as always I get excited especially when it is from my website. I start daydreaming about the possible weddings that might be inside, is it on a lake, downtown Toronto or maybe right in my corner of Guelph. I was making myself giddy holding off on pressing the open button until I knew I’d have the time to properly respond, but that doesn’t last long and I opened the email in a fury, almost as excited as I was when my first wedding inquiry came in back in 2010.


I sat on my front porch with the sun streaming in; I read the first line, and then the second. Before I got any further I looked at my roommate with a smile – Maddy was playing with my website contact form again.


Maddy has been one of my best friends since 10th grade, and she has the most hilarious sense of humour:


You received the following information from your website:

Lady Elena Rodriguez Filipanthia

Dear “Taylor,”
I am unhappy to see that you have done very few animal weddings in your time as a photographer. In fact, I find this horrible. However, I am impressed by your pine tree symbol, so I have decided to give you a chance. This is Miffy and Rocky’s engagement shoot and I’m hoping to recreate the classic look we’ve chosen here and really capture their love for each other.


[Click Here to see a link of the most ridiculous cat wedding you can imagine]


I will pay you seventy thousand dollars for your time IF you succeed. If not, certain death.


If you are interested in taking this job, please respond with 1. A poem written about cats 2. The name of your best rouge-haired amis. If your response is adequate I will consider you for the job.

I see you like quotes, so I will leave you with this: “Those who play with cats must expect to be scratched”- Miguel de Cervantes

Lady Filipanthia


Thanks so much Lady Filipanthia for making my day.


And since every blog post is better with a few photos here are a few of my rouge-haired amis Maddy and Sasha Kong my temporary cat. (I’m cat-sitting for the summer.)


guelph cat photograph

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