Reasons Why I Love Living in Victoria BC


Living and working as a photographer in a new city far from home comes with good days and bad days. Today is a good day. These are the reasons why I love living in Victoria BC.

I really enjoy saying I’m going “up island” or “let’s get back to the island” because I live on an island now.

It is sacrilegious in this town to get off a bus without saying thank you to the bus driver.

The Ocean.


Walking along the Galloping Goose Trail. (It is on the water, and it has a hilarious name for a trail.)

The Mountains.

Craft beer.

Ferry rides.

Bicycle rides.

Wide bike lanes.

Beach fires.

Used Victoria (like craigslist but so much better: Fun Fact I moved here and furnished my entire empty apartment for free within a week with excellent recycled things.)

The tiniest bit of snow shuts the entire city down.

Pot luck dinners on house boats.

Watching the tourists on sunny afternoons in the harbour.

Being a tourist on sunny afternoons in the harbour.

A few reasons why I love living in Victoria BC

  • Debs - WOW. It sounds like my dream place! I want to live there too! I’ll just have to settle for visiting you instead 🙂ReplyCancel

  • jenn of hello inspira - i think victoria suits you really well, taylor 🙂 i remember vancouver shut down from 5cm of snow (might be 10, i’ll give them a little credit ;)) and it’s business as usual here at 25cm! and yes, real ocean! i miss that..

    ps: i thought it’s sacrilegious to get off the bus without saying thank you anywhere in the world 😉ReplyCancel

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