Sustainable Waterloo Photo Contest Winner

I walked down the halls and first noticed a photo contest poster. What the heck I thought, I’m going to enter. I had a few photos in mind that I took around the Waterloo region, and thought since I had never entered a photo contest before that Sustainable Waterloo’s was local and I may actually have a chance at winning.

Little did I know I had entered in the most popular category, “Natural Environment” and when voting began and I saw the competition’s photos I figured I didn’t have a chance. I posted a blog post about my entry asking for votes from anyone who came by but I know my site doesn’t get that much traffic so I wasn’t counting on a win. Little did I know though everyone was rooting for my duck. I received an email a couple month’s ago letting me know I had the most vote in my category which I was estatic about but it wasn’t until earlier this week when I picked up the mail that it really hit me.

There my duck was front and center on the front page of Sustainable Waterloo’s Annual Report. I promptly paraded around my house with my first published works!




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