On The Road [American Roadtrip Part 2 of 5]


I had packed a backpack when I headed to the states, there were hiking boots next to high heels and a tent next to a sequin dress. The strangest packing job I’ve ever done. The plan was to attend WPPI in Vegas (a wedding photography conference and a party for photographers) and then camp the Grand Canyon.

Except nothing ever goes as planned.

At WPPI I met James, Shane, and Ben all the way from Australia. They knew Brian, a South African who I know from living in Victoria and my travel partner for the trip. James had a car and the five of us, an international gang of recently acquainted wedding photographers hit the road. (after the party of course, but before the conference was over.)

I had gotten an iPhone a week before the trip so this was the first time I really used the camera and started to understand what Instagram is all about. You can follow the trip from my perspective here or the whole groups if you check out the hashtag #tarantulafacegang (I tried to link it but I couldn’t figure out how to link a hashtag, just search it, its worth it.)

It was fun, road trips always are.  We saw the Salton Sea, but smelled it first, completely dead with its beach of rotting fish. We watched the landscape in Joshua Tree National Park fade into the night. We paid for gas and were so distracted taking pictures at the gas station we forgot to fill up, got back on the highway, and still had an empty tank. We crossed a federal checkpoint in the middle of the California desert, which really made no sense, and the guard told us we were at the border about to head into Mexico. It took everyone a second to process he was joking.

These are my photos from the road, and a few of the short stops on our trip.


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