A Portrait from Thailand

I don’t quite know where to start this post. I haven’t blogged in months, a hiatus in a way completely necessary from the internet. I threw myself into Asia, into real experiences, pushing my self to create the best work possible and now getting back into the swing of things has been difficult. I’ve been back in the Greater Toronto Area for a few weeks. I’ve had my oil changed and been to the dentist, seen family and friends and I’ve started to reconnect with the great couples I am working with in the next few months. It has been a whirlwind and I’ve hardly had time to process the experiences I’ve had over the last year creating a portrait of Asia.


I tell the same stories when I see people; how great the mango and sticky rice was in Thailand and how resilient the people of Cambodia are. How Shanghai never sleeps (or maybe I just didn’t sleep in Shanghai), and how much of a chopstick guru I’ve become. But there was so much more to my travels, my photography and my experiences and I don’t quite know where to start.


Portrait from Thailand
And so in lieu of words like most photographers I’ll start to share through photographs. This little girl gave me the chance to create my favourite portrait of 2012 to date.



I watched the light in her eyes and hoped the sun wouldn’t set too quickly. Exhausted I had just trekked all day, hot, up the hills in the province of Chiang Mai, Thailand. All I wanted was to lay down and sleep on my piece of plywood – it looked like heaven. But the fading light pushed me to take a few portraits of the village I was staying in and I created something that holds more meaning to myself than any other photograph from this trip. Because not only do I think that this photo holds a slight glance into her personality and the authenticity of a child, but it reminds me to persevere.

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