A Destination, Sumbawa Indonesia Travel Photography


I had never heard of Sape Sumbawa Indonesia when I booked my flights to go or even once I had landed. It isn’t really a “destination”. Sometimes though for whatever reason you end up in the right place at right time. Things go wrong and while you are delayed a day to the next “destination” the evening sunset is incredible, and the delay means nothing.


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Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-049Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-032Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-040Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-042Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-041Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-044Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-043Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-046Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-048Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-047Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-045Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-050Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-051Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-039Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-038Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-035Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-037Sape Sumbawa-22Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-058Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-055Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-053Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-052Sape-Sumbawa-Indonesia-054

[Photographs Taken in Sape Sumbawa Indonesia, Canon 5D, 35mm f1.4]

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