Storm Chaser

“I think it’s going to be a tornado… seriously…Brittany does that look like a funnel?”


“Taylor that isn’t a tornado. It’s what we call a “threatening storm” out here in Alberta.”


“I think it might be a tornado! Please please please pull over I have to take a picture.”


Brittany couldn’t handle my child-like fixation and we pulled over. I got out of the car and raced towards the tree line.  It wasn’t raining yet but I could tell it would start any second. The whole scenario reminded me of the movie twister, and tried to imagine myself as Helen Hunt as the wind whipped my hair. The sky was like nothing I had ever seen in Ontario. A summer storm was rolling into northern Alberta and big dark clouds hovered above patches of a fire singed forest. I was completely mesmerized.


And by mesmerized I meant to say I was a little terrified, but the adrenaline was pumping and I yelled back to the car; “Brittany don’t you feel like the storm chaser guys from the discovery channel?!”  (I’m sure Brit rolled her eyes.) I never thought I would be the storm chasing type, and yet here I was waiting for the system’s next move. Brittany yelled back from somewhere near the vehicle “Taylor your nuts let’s get out of here.” and so reluctantly I took a few more pictures and headed back to the car. As we pulled away I stared into the sky secretly hoping to see a funnel touch down, what a job it would be to be a storm chaser.



Northern Alberta Threatening storm photothreatening storm in the forest near slave lake ablertawide photograph of alberta sky during storm

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