Toronto Photographer: Blue Jays Game

Clare arrived all cheery and smiles. I picked her up at the bus station and asked her how it was on the road. She said she hasn’t been in a place she hasn’t loved. I am jealous, but I know I feel the exact same way when I am moving. Its been a month since I completed a whirlwind of a road trip across Canada. Its where I met Clare, an Australian – out in the rainy vicinity of Vancouver. It is strange to be a host after I’ve spent so long out and about. It’s nice though to have people to remind you of travel, and the adventure that is out there.


We spent the day lounging on my porch in Guelph listening to music, and pulled ourselves together in time to catch the third inning of the Jay’s Game in Toronto. They were down by one when we arrived. The sun was shining, the crowd was less than interested and the extremely overpriced beer in our cups was gone shortly after we got there, too expensive to buy another.


Toronto PhotographerToronto Blue Jays Game at Sunsetsunflare at toronto baseball game

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