2016 Year End Review: I Took an Insane Number of Photos That I Love in 2016

What a wonderful thought it is; that some of the best days of our life haven’t happened yet. – Unknown.

Today after hours of prepping this blog post I’ll hit publish on my fifth year end review, and that is completely surreal to me. [2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012. ] It has been five years of being able to look back on those posts not just a relic of where I’ve been for the past five years, but also a reminder that as each year passes, the mystery of the year to come is always somewhat solved come December (or in this year’s case the end of November).

This year I settled into city life, Vancouver is home for now, and I’m consciously trying to do as many “city” things as I can. Come February on a partially planned whim I convinced my best friend to go to Chilean Patagonia. We spent six weeks together hoping back and forth across the Argentinian border, we saw magma at the top of the Villarrica Volcano, we contemplated the eco-tourism industry in Puerto Natales and drank all the Pisco sours we could in Santiago. I came home to the most insane wedding season I’ve ever had.  I hiked Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail in early May and spent the rest of the summer bopping back and forth across the country shooting. In June I met all my grandmother’s living sisters, in July I learned from my German visitors, my new favourite German saying: Schiess die Wand an! (Which literally translates to shit on the wall, which apparently translates to this is amazing!) and come August I was able to show my own little sister the west coast.

I entered the printing world this year, and printed my work for all of my clients by hand; learning the intricacies and frustrations of that technology intimately. The sound of my paper cutter is strangely satisfying, and seeing my work on display has never been more rewarding. I spoke at two conferences – ARC and Vancouver’s Travel Expo and I couldn’t have been more grateful for a platform to share my thoughts as a women in the photography industry. I spoke on both how our memories work in conjunction with photography and how that translates for me into living a full, and memorable life.

On top of all of this, I photographed more work and weddings than almost humanly possible. I’m so thankful to be able to fill my time so fully with jobs that have taken me across the world, photos that I am proud of, and ultimately the most fantastic people. Every photograph taken for a photographer is a double image: the scene itself and the reverse angle, the picture of the photographer in action. I stood behind every scene you see below, and it isn’t lost on me how amazing it is that I get to take photographs for a job. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone I’ve worked for this year, and to everyone I’ve worked with. I couldn’t have shared my year with anyone better.

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  • Madelaine MacDonald - couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried (even including the ones I’m not in)
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