For Better and For Worse – For Diversity and For Equality – For Love.

Tonight I am up late, I can’t sleep in light of news of this week, in light of the senseless terrorist attacks in a mosque in Quebec City; across the country from me, but dangerously close to home.

I’ve spent the day staring at the news just south of the border in disbelief. Heartbroken.

I photograph weddings most weekends. I don’t often talk about heartbreak.

I’ve spent the last five years celebrating love from all corners of the globe. Commitments between two people, to care for and to share life going forward with each other, despite often coming from wildly different backgrounds.

I’ve seen the best side of a country that embraces diversity. And today after this weeks world events I wish to remind us all of that.

I’ve feel extremely privileged to be a photographer, and to live in an era of Canadian history where I have had the opportunity to photograph a cross section of first, second, and third generation Canadians hailing from Sudan, Indonesia, China, Germany, India, Korea, Congo, Jamaica, Israel, Japan, Yugoslavia, Italy, England, Mexico, Russia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, Iceland, St. Lucia, Norway, France, The United States, Egypt, and Portugal.

I’ve been welcomed into the homes of Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike. I’ve seen traditionally dressed Thai dancers, dance the Jewish Hora. I’ve seen a woman shake with joy after being pronounced married to another woman. I’ve photographed Ponkwa ceremonies for Ismaili muslims, and seen the Veil and cord placed on Catholic Filipinos. I’ve seen white dresses, red Chinese cheongsam dresses, hanboks, and stunning hijabs.

There are few nations whose citizens cannot look to Canada and see their own reflection. For generations people from all corners of the globe have made the decision to choose Canada as their home. We are a nation of immigrants, and diversity, and despite the news this week I will continue to celebrate that.

I sometimes ask myself what the point of making art is? Why be a wedding photographer? Really what good am I doing for this world? But tonight at 12:03am as I write this and pull the images you see below – I believe more than ever in what I’ve spent the past five years creating.

I’ve photographed a body of work that shows a commitment to love, in a nation of people that value diversity.

That two people regardless of their differences, regardless of their backgrounds, and regardless of their religious beliefs, can make a life together; and that together through understanding, and in a place with an inherent belief in equality, love will win. And that is the point.



  • Jarusha - Just beautiful Taylor. YOu have a gift not only with photographs but also with words. Thank you for sharing this <3ReplyCancel

  • Dr. Theresa Nicassio - Beautiful—in every sense of the word. Thank you for sharing your light and honouring the beauty of inclusivity, love and joy in all forms it is expressed.

    xo TheresaReplyCancel

  • Gwen - I ask myself that same question all the time: what good am I doing as a wedding photographer? Thanks for sharing your thoughtful words and beautiful photos, and for helping me see things in a different light 🙂ReplyCancel

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