Shirley and Shane’s Sea Cider Wedding – A Summer Evening in an Orchard by the Sea.

The ground was wet , the apples were crisp, and the clouds parted just in time for the sun to set, bringing the greens of the orchard at Sea Cider to life. It was a perfect backdrop to a wedding with an international guest list, and an ocean view. No better place on Vancouver Island to be.

I truly believe the best people, and the best weddings for that matter are the ones with a surprise in their back pocket. The better you get to know them and as the night goes on slowly the cards are laid. Shirley and Shane are those people, their day was that wedding. I knew it would be beautiful, and I already liked them after we met back in December but I didn’t expect Shane to own the dance floor like he did, Shirley to tear up during the signing of the marriage license, and how proud their parents were.

It was a coming together of family and friends from as far as Hong Kong and Toronto, and as close as Victoria. It was a surprise I’m so excited to share today.

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Dream Team Credits:

Venue: Sea Cider Wedding

Florals: Celsia Florals 

Cake: Ruth and Dean 

Catering: Toque 


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