Zoe and Andrew, Easy on Fifth, Downtown Toronto Wedding


Zoe and Andrew’s story starts with Charlie. Zoe’s brother, Andrew’s best friend, very likely the best wedding speech writer on the planet.

Andrew was in love with his best friend’s sister, Zoe was in love with her brother’s best friend.  Together they decided to keep dating each other a secret. How could they possibly tell Charlie? They told him they were playing tennis.

It was believable, well Charlie believed it, until so I hear, in that very same wedding speech, Charlie found a parking ticket on Andrew’s car, for illegally parking outside his sister’s house, written up at 4 in the morning.

It was safe to say they weren’t playing tennis…

…and so with years behind them, and the secret a thing of the past, we all gathered in Downtown Toronto, Zoe and Andrew were married in front of their family, and all their friends during a perfect candlelit- homemade-with-love-birch-bark-candle-holders type of perfect, ceremony. To steal the words directly from Charlie’s speech, “Andrew is exactly the man you’d want your little sister to marry.”

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downtown Toronto Weddingcabbagetown toronto wedding photographerZoe-Andrew-8cabbage town wedding photographergirls-get-ready for weddingzoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0004zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0005zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0006Downtown Toronto Weddingzoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0008ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0042zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0009zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-00121zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0013zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0017zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0019zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0018zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-00162easy on the fifth wedding photoseasy on the fifth wedding set up ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0092ceremony-set-up-at-easy-on-fifthZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0104ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0117ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0114ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0126ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0123ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0125ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0128ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0130ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0133ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0134ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0122ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0137ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0142ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0138ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0143ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0146ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0144ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0156ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0159ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0188ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0172wedding-portratis copyZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0192ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0194ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0196ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0210ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0208ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0217ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0213ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0202ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0199ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0201ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0203ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0205ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0219ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0198ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0209ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0200ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0225ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0223ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0228ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0222ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0224cheers, photojournalism shot at weddingbest man speech at wedding photographed by taylor roadesZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0231wedding-speech-guest-reaction-shotZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0233ring shot for weddingbest man speech wedding photojournalist taylor roadesZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0243ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0253ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0248ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0266ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0265ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0259ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0252ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0247ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0246ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0250ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0251ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0255ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0256ZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0288zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0084zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0086zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0081zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0082zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0083zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0085zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0089zoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0087Zoe and Andrews first dance at their weddingeasy-on-fifth wedding danceZOE-ANDREW-WEDDING-PHOTOS0278easy on fifth wedding reception photographzoe-andrew-photojournalism-wedding-photos-0090

  • TJ Romero - Great storytelling here. I love the soft natural light and romantic subtleness in the portraits.ReplyCancel

  • Tim Kamppinen - Nice work capturing the atmosphere of the day!ReplyCancel

  • Fete Photography - Love how you set the scene with those street photos. And the photo right after the kiss is golden!ReplyCancel

  • small - I love their story and I love this wedding! Great ceremony coverage!ReplyCancel

  • Tara McHugh Flora - Great job Taylor, really well done! I love the bride’s dress too, so sophisticated!ReplyCancel

  • zoe - Thanks Taylor! You are such a great photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael - Stunning photos. I love the black and white shot of the groom kissing the bride’s forehead! Great story too.ReplyCancel

  • Mark Pacura - Beautiful work. I love the warm tones of the fits dance shots.ReplyCancel

  • tobiah - such a wonderful wedding – i love the warmth of the images and the location is too coolReplyCancel

  • Anton Chia - Such strong beautiful images great palette and story.ReplyCancel

  • Justin R - Great job here! I love the warm tones in your pictures, they look really pleasant.ReplyCancel

  • Darin Collison - Beautiful coverage of a lovely dayReplyCancel

  • Johanna - I loved reading about how they met and kept it a secret. So awesome. 🙂 I’m in love with the flowers in her hair and this whole wedding is so beautiful and beautifully captured.ReplyCancel

  • Scott Wilson - Brilliantly captured and a what a fun dayReplyCancel

  • naomi - so much i loved throughout these. but gosh, the black and white of the groom kissing the bride’s forehead is magnificent.ReplyCancel

  • Su - I’m having my wedding there next year and your pics have gotten me so excited. Gorgeous!!!ReplyCancel

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